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Another Chronic Illness Blogger Reviews 48 mg Hemp Oil Extracts Patch

Chronic Illness Blogger Reviews 48mg Hemp Oil Patch
May 22, 2017
“Not Standing Still’s Disease” Blogger Reviews Premier Biomedical’s 48 mg Hemp Oil Extracts Patch
June 1, 2017

Recently a second Chronic Illness Blogger posted a review of the 48 mg Hemp Oil Extracts Skin Patch available at  The reviewer, a long time fibromyalgia pain and Lyme disease sufferer, conducts a thorough review of the product, titled “How Premier Biomedical’s Topical Patch Helped Relieve My Pain“.  You can read her entire review here.

In the review, the author, ValerieB, provides background on hemp oil extracts and the many conditions it has reportedly successfully treated, and concludes with her own assessment of how the patch performed on her pain:

Did it relieve my pain?

Yes! I noticed an overall drop in my pain levels while wearing the patch. I have an inflamed right arm and hand and the patch definitely took the edge off of my arm pain.

The over all effect was a sense of calmness and I felt that it eased my anxiety.  Lyme disease causes me to feel overly anxious at times and this patch truly helped with that!

If you are looking for fast, reliable, gentle pain relief then this patch may be just what you are looking for! I love the fact that it smells nice and is gentle on my sensitive skin. The patch is skin tone in color, so I was able to wear it without it being super obvious.

You can read the entire blog post review here.

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