CBD for Relieving Your Pain

What's In Your CBD Matters!

Consumers have numerous choices for their pain relief needs, so why should you buy from us?

We manufacture our CBD topical patch to the highest GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. We use only the highest quality natural, organic, certified non-GMO ingredients to produce the highest quality pain relief product. Our proprietary blend of essential oils, and natural enhancers, combined with the highest levels of CBD available anywhere, deliver unprecedented long-lasting, effective relief.

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a natural hemp extract which has been found to contain important medicinal properties. There is a growing body of evidence that suggests CBD possesses a strong, OPIOID-FREE medical potential for natural relief from:

  • Knee pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Joint pain
  • Pain from Arthritis
  • Muscle soreness and tenderness
  • Headaches
  • Migraines

Doctors and patients are finding natural CBD to be an effective analgesic for treating mild to moderately severe pain.

Our pain patch delivers up to 96 hours (i.e. 4-days) of pain relief. Our patent-pending reservoir patch design features a unique barrier between the foam adhesive and the pain relieving ingredients to ensure that the adhesive is not transmitted and absorbed through the skin, as with many competitive patches. Our formulations contain no psychoactive components and, therefore, will have no effect on drug test results. Our Roll-on product consists of the same primary ingredients as contained in our reservoir patch, but in a convenient, pocket-size applicator. Our natural enhancers ensure rapid absorption to not only deliver quicker relief, but also reduce the greasy feel.

Additional pain relief products, including creams, sprays, gel pens, and capsules/pills (Pain-Ex™) will follow later in the year.

All of our pain relief products are opioid-free, and 50-state legal.

Hemp Oil Extraction

Original Natural Herbs

The Premier Biomedical Pain Management Solution pain patch uses a certified CO2 extracted Hemp Oil. It has been decarboxylated by removing the carboxyl groups of the CBDa, the acid groups that would make it unable to attach to the receptors throughout the body. The natural waxes, fats and proteins have been removed and the hemp oil used in each patch is purified, making it one of the highest and most purified CBD extracts in the market. It earns its nickname “Gold” due to its pure, clear, light honey color. The oil comes with certificates of analysis, giving the CBD profile with the terpenes of the particular plants used at harvest. It is all natural and has not been enhanced with additives. Each production lot of patches will have an analysis from independent laboratories with traceability to each patch or lot of patches, and date of production, as required by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).


  • Just got off the phone with my aunt; she uses 25mg fentanyl patches that last 2 days (rated for 3) in conjunction with hydrocodone to cope with her pain. She said she used the (Premier Biomedical Pain Management Solutions) patch I gave her and within an hour she felt full relief. That is crazy!
    Marcus G.
  • After applying the topical pain patch … I felt moderate relief within 45 minutes and complete relief within 90 minutes. …. relief lasted for three full days. I felt no need to take any of my usual medications. I am looking forward to having these pain patches available for myself and certainly for the many, many patients that I see in my practice.
    Dr. M.
    Board Certified ER Physician, Pennsylvania
  • My wife has been dealing with chronic jaw pain (TMJ) and migraines for nearly 10 years. After spending thousands of dollars and seeing numerous doctors with little or no relief, she tried your patch. The CBD patch helped alleviate her daily pain and allowed her to reduce her intake of her other pain medications, especially prescribed opioids. The patch made a real difference in her life.
    Stephen H.
    San Diego, CA
  • My mother is suffering from spinal stenosis and received better results from your patch than the ones she was prescribed!
    Peter B.
  • The Premier Biomedical pain patches are phenomenal! Having a failed back surgery many years ago which left me with chronic pain and early retirement from a nursing career I loved, I have tried a variety of medications and therapies, none of which have helped me as much as the patch. These have been a huge relief for me and quiet my pain down to a very comfortable level.
    Sally T
    Fond du Lac, WI; retired wife of a medical doctor
  • I applied the patch around 8:00 AM. After 24 hours, there was no pain at all. Relief lasted three days with some discomfort coming back, but very tolerable. It lasted longer than Aleve, which only lasts about 10-12 hours.
    Nurse at Mayo Clinic
  • I have chronic hip pain and I have a difficult time sleeping through the night because of the pain. A friend recommended that I try the Premier CBD patch. I was skeptical at first, but said that I would try it. I placed the patch on my hip before I when to bed. To my surprise, I woke up in the morning completely rested. I had not moved once during the night. I was not stiff or sore. The hip pain was gone for almost two days with one patch.
    Doug W
    Ph.D Scientist, CA
  • I am an 85 year old senior. During the last 3 years I have had several back operations and now my back is full of metal. Pain was bad and they had me on heavy doses of pain meds. I started using Premier Biomedical Pain patches to see if I could get off all the pain meds. Success! It made such a difference. My back is doing much better.
    John H.
    Korean War Vet, El Cajon, CA